Comparing And Contrasting The Various File Systems Used By Windows.

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AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to analyze, compare and contrast UNIX and Windows 2000 Operating Systems in terms of their current;- Cost- Market share- Hardware requirements- File processing- Programming capabilities- Availability of application software- User interfaceAs a group, Team A has researched, reviewed and discussed the above mentioned Operating Systems (OS). The analysis of our findings will be outlined in detail on how they compare and differ. It is our intention to provide the reader with a fair and comprehensive understanding of each system.Cost:With the rising cost of computer software, hardware, and support for these items, companies are limited as to trying to cut cost. Today there are options like the use of an open-sourced operating system like Linux and its different flavors to run their hardware and current software applications. The problem with choosing this option is the short and long term cost.For a company to convert from its current operating system, which is probably Microsoft Windows, the cost could be prohibitive. Here is a comparison between using a Linux OS and MS Windows OS.Linux:Many companies offer specific commercial versions of Linux for no cost or at a very minimum fee and can be installed on an unlimited amount of hardware but this cost saving in it self is only limited to the operating system. Many factors still exist after the decision to migrate from a Windows platform to the Linux OS.1. Fee's for documentation, installation support, and on-going support still exist2. Windows to Linux migration could cost 4 times as much staying with the current Windows implementation.3. Cost in Time to deploy the new conversion could be too high due to preparation and planning which can take 5 to 25 percent more time for Linux compared to windows.4. Training for the IT staff would be another cost factor. Training on Linux systems is estimated about 15 percent higher due to lack of wide spread training facilities.5. End users training will either need to be off-site on internally to train user on the use of the Linux system. Productivity lose would occur due to users having to attend this training.6. Possible application software migration could possible occur if current application can not run on new operating system.Windows:With a large majority of businesses currently using Windows, the only decision companies have to make is to upgrade their current version of Windows to a later version or continue to use the current version until being forced by Microsoft and other Windows applications that run on the OS.1. Each Computer that is running a Windows OS must have an OS license.2. Fee's for documentation, installation support, and on-going support still exist3. No major migration or deployment needed due to virtually smooth transitions (upgrades) from one Windows OS version to the next.4. IT training mainly needs to be completed when new systems are implemented since a majority of the qualified IT technicians have...

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