Comparing And Contrasting The Five Business Functions In Saudi Arabia

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To asses the assignments we have select two large good reputed organizations from Secondary Sector & Tertiary Sector of Industry within Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From Secondary sector i.e. Manufacturing, the first company being HADEED (A SABIC Affiliate) which provides tangible product i.e. Goods & Commodities - Steel Products and other from Tertiary Sector i.e. Service, is Saudi Telecom Company (STC), which satisfy its customers by provides high standard of intangible product i.e. Services - Telecommunication Network. We will start our assignment by stating the companies overall policies and then we will compare and contrast the five main business functions i.e., Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations, Accounting & Finance, and Information Management of both the organizations.Saudi Iron & Steel Company (Hadeed), established in 1976 and wholly owned by SABIC, the first fully integrated and largest manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, produces steel rebars and wire rods, in the Jubail Industrial city. The mission statement of Hadeed is to provide comprehensive and competitive steel products through employee empowerment with safe and environmentally sound practice.The STC has emerged as the result of privatization that began in late 20th century. Telecom services were administered by the former Saudi Post, Telex, Mail and Telephone Ministry. STC provides wired and wireless communication services such as fixed telephone, Mobile network, Internet and so on. Saudi Telecom Company (STC) deliver high quality telecom services that meet its customer's needs, enriches their lives & contributes to their businesses, using state of the art telecom services while becoming an economic & cultural pioneer that reflects the kingdom's values & progress benefiting all shareholders, customers & employees.We will analyze the first business function, Human Resources Management. When we compare the Manufacturing company with Service industry in HR function , there isn't much distinction because both of them contributes to operations by providing manpower with high suitability and develops them time to time, to fit with any expect and unexpected change within the company's environment. One of the main reasons for which these companies were formed is to impart training and creates large scale employment opportunities for nationals. Both follows the best fit HRM practices for development of safe working practices, quality control and automation programs enhancing the working environment of its employees. Manufacturing unit like HADEED are based on employee satisfaction and Service industries like STC will always be oriented towards customer satisfaction. Hadeed implemented unitary perspective on appraisal system and evaluating its employees each one separately. It is HRM's function to contribute to operations by provides high skills employees, timely evaluation to identify which skills they needs and how to improve them. This process...

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