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Comparing And Contrasting The Holy Land And An Ordinary Place By D.J. Waldie

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Compare and Contrast: Holy Land
In the novel “Holy Land” and the essay “An Ordinary Place”, both written by the same author, D.J. Waldie, have the same description about the suburb area during his childhood, but has different meaning and style of the writing. In the novel “Holy Land”, he talks about the 1940s when the suburb area was build. He said white men worked hard every day and built over five hundreds house a week. In “An Ordinary Place”, he talks about how the suburbs are like in the present, also more diversity with different ethnicity lives there now. Both novel and essay is written by the same author but they also share some similarities and differences about his experiences in the suburbs and author writing style.
In the novel “Holy Land”, Waldie talks about some differences among the novel and essay is that he mention about the past and how it was as in the suburbs. Waldie said that the streets were flooded on raining days. Waldie see men working every day and seeing where everybody hang out. As in the essay “An Ordinary Essay”, he says that the suburbs are now lived by diversity of people. Different ethnicity would live in the suburbs now. In the novel, it still seems more biased toward women, as he talks more about working men mainly in the novel. In the essay, he talks more about different race living in the present and women during the past, contrast to the novel is that it merely included about the diversity race and women. Waldie has a more serious tone in the novel and seem to have more pride on his race, also mentioning more about white men were hard working. In the essay, he seems to be more judgmental and not proud of what the suburbs is as now. He has a more relax and casual tone of what he thinks about the suburbs in the essay. The novel, Waldie write professionally to his audience and...

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