Comparing And Contrasting War Stories Essay

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Was it actually fair how war was portrayed to these young boys than to how it actually was? The Red Badge of Courage and All’s Quiet on the Western Front are both interesting stories that explain the reality of war and how young men like Paul and Henry get dragged into it. These stories do not show all the singing and dancing filled campfires, but show and explain what the battles were like and all the anxiety of waiting to go to battle. The Red Badge of Courage and All’s Quiet on the Western Front show how different war was and also show how similar the experience was for boys like Paul and Henry. These two boys do not know what they are getting themselves into when they head off to battle. ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, the movie shoes that there is no running away and you either fight or die. Battle was a lot more scary than imagined. Henry was so nervous that he ran away from battle, “He ran like a blind man. Two or three times he fell down. Once he knocked his shoulder so heavily against a tree that he went headlong.” (page 44). Henry was so shocked and terrified that he did not know what else to do other than run. Paul on the other hand was stuck in a trench during his first battle so there was nowhere he could go. For Paul, he saw how horrifying war actually was and realized that dying for your country was not a great because all of the men are going to die anyways. Paul even told the school boys that he talked to when he went back home that “once you are out there and are dying, you are not dying for your country” He also said that “there’s no point because everyone is going to die anyways” (scene when he revisits his school). Both the film and the movie show how the boys adjust more to war and gain more courage as they carry on throughout the war. The book and the movie make the boys seem young to be going to war especially the scene where Paul and his friends decide to join the war while sitting in class. Being in war definitely makes Henry and Paul grow up and become men. They become a lot more mature by understanding war and getting used to how everything actually is. Also, at the beginning of the book Henry is injured and towards the end of the movie Paul is injured. Both of them being injured gives an idea of what happened to men and how well they were cared for. In the book and movie both of their enemies are seen as hated armies that will be easily beaten.
Time has an extremely large impact on war because the world changes so much. Every war becomes more modern as time goes because new inventions and tactics are coming along. The civil war is so much different from World War 1 because the war in the movie is a while later than the Civil War which makes it much more modern. They have better guns, stronger men, more men,...

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