Comparing Animal Farm To The Cuban Revolution

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One could find hundreds of books concerning the Russian revolution; however, it was George Orwell's Animal Farm that shed light on the corruption of the revolution. Even though Animal farm is clearly a satire on the Russian Revolution, it can easily be compared to many revolutions, especially the Cuban. Both revolutions were led by a powerful man, or animal, with strong public support, and spoke of a great nation in which everyone was equal. Yet, in the end of both revolutions, the supreme leader ended up being corrupt and a full-fledged dictator. Orwell wanted to show how there is such corruption only in mankind, hence Animal Farm being a novel with talking animals; acting as an emphasis on the fact that animals would never conduct a situation of any similarity.The most significant detail that Orwell included in his book was Napoleon, a powerful and forceful leader who felt he was always just, clearly portraying a dictator. Such a character could easily be compared to Fidel Castro, the leader of the Russian revolution. For, as soon as Castro took office in Cuba, he listened to no one, and did only as he saw fit. As Castro led the revolution, he gained the love of the majority of Cuba because most Cubans at the time were either poor or middle class; and Castro spoke about equality amongst everyone, meaning there would be no rich or poor. However, once Castro gained the people's trust he put fear in everyone's eyes with examples of torture, arbitrary imprisonment, unfair trials, and extra-judicial executions. Much like Castro, Napoleon started out by acting as a compassionate leader, and in concern of the animals' "well-being". He then put fear in the animals' eyes by releasing Jessie's nine puppies, the enormous, fierce dogs that Napoleon had trained as his assistants. This similarity shows the reader how effective propaganda truly is, especially when the propaganda is in your benefit. One gets lured in and loves, and then the love is turned to fear; love and fear is a deadly combination. As stated before, much like Castro, Napoleon viciously killed the animals who confessed of their ties to Snowball. "They did not know which was more shocking - the treachery of the animals who had leagued themselves with Snowball, or the cruel retribution they had just witnessed." (Animal Farm 57).Not only did both Fidel Castro and Napoleon run a similar fear campaign, but both seemed to run a totalitarianism-like government. Both leaders led their revolutions, and simply proclaimed leadership after overthrowing the former dictator; neither Castro nor Napoleon was ever elected. Both leaders were also extremely insecure and paranoid.Fidel Castro has refused to hold any sort of elections in attempt to keep himself in office, which he has successfully accomplished for the past forty-five years. Napoleon did decide to hold elections; however, he made sure he was the only one running for president, and if the animals did not vote they would be murdered; ensuring his...

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3090 words - 12 pages revolution based on ‘Creole values,’ (Goldenberg 1965: 151) led by new men ... free of all obstacles with foreign nations and ... of appetites of politicians. They promised welfare and economic prosperity, social justice, respect for other nations, and respect for the constitution.” (Macgaffey 1962: 275, 276) “Such publicity was designed to call the people to revolt against the dictator, Batista,” (Hampsey 2002: 95) “giving an impression of an army

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