Comparing Apple Macintosh Computers To Microsoft Windows P Cs

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Today’s world is filled with technology that is constantly changing and evolving. For most children born in the twenty-first century, it is hard to imagine living in a world that does not run on computers or any other type of electronic device. From governments, to businesses, to schools, to the casual at-home user: computers are used by the majority of people living in developed countries on a day-to-day basis. One of the largest debates in technology is the famous ever-lasting battle between Apple Macintosh computers and Microsoft Windows PCs (personal computers). Most common consumers who aren’t sure of what kind of computer they should invest in (Mac or PC) often raise one general ...view middle of the document...

This means that the computers are built strong and sturdy while also being light and easy to carry. Not only does the aluminum give MacBook’s unique physical properties, but it also makes the computers highly recyclable and more environmentally friendly than a computer constructed with a plastic base. The speaker meshes (what the speakers project audio through) are formed with laser engraving technology to create precise holes, symmetric on both sides of the computer. PCs, on the other hand, fail to match Apple’s unique building style. Although appearance might be a big concern for some, it usually comes down to personal opinion. However, a main trait that Apple computers offer which PCs do not is consistency. Consumers know what to expect when they buy from Apple.
Although the appearance of a computer might be a concern for certain people, some consumers might be looking for other qualities. Instead of being concerned with the external build, one could be looking for a machine that has overall power to run intense games and applications, while also staying in a reasonable price range. This category is about hardware, and it is where Apple Computers fall short. Although Apple does offer a powerful computer that allows the use of intense applications (the Mac Pro, Apple’s version of a large desktop computer), it is a bit pricy for most consumers, costing anywhere between three-thousand and nine-thousand dollars (depending on the specifications of hardware components inside the computer). Not only is it pricy, but it doesn’t support the playability of many video games that Windows PCs support. Something else to keep in mind is that consumers may like the idea of potential upgradability that PCs offer and Macs do not. One could spend around six-hundred dollars for a PC and then upgrade parts by investing more money in the future. This isn’t quite the case with Apple computers. Apple’s Mac Pro starting prices are high, meaning that the customer buying would need to have the money on hand immediately instead of gradually putting money into the computer for upgrades. Although it is possible to upgrade a few parts within the older version of the Mac Pro, such as the graphics processor and RAM (random access memory), the new Mac Pro, which costs the same amount as the older version, only allows the upgrade of RAM. Although Apple once again shows...

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