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The massive technological advances in the last 30 years have brought about very stiff competition in the realm of digital technology. The competition has been between MacOS, which belongs to Apple, and Microsoft Windows as the other competitor. In the mid to late 2000’s, the smartphone and tablet exploded into the arena of technology competition. In the last two years, Samsung and Apple, who both develop similar mobile technology, have been competing against each other, but it was only recently that they began to compete directly for their consumers through commercials. Apple created a very clever commercial that displayed the many features of their iPad Air, as well as comparing it’s ...view middle of the document...

Samsung released the ad on their official YouTube, which provides excellent evidence on who or who is not the target of the commercial. The responses concerning “likes” versus “dislikes”, are a majority of likes, yet well over one quarter of the responses are dislikes, therefore there are people who the ad does not appeal to. The comments on the commercial explain in more detail, who the ad is effecting most. Throughout the comments, there are many people claiming to be fans of Samsung’s products, and said they enjoyed the commercial and thought it was funny that Samsung was mocking Apple. On the other hand, the people who claimed to be Apple fans, were offended by Samsung’s parody of a commercial. Although many of the outspoken Apple fans disliked the ad, there were a few who still found it humorous. This data shows that Samsung’s ad campaign mainly targets people who are already fans of their products, or just aren’t fans of Apple’s. As of February 2nd, 2014, there were over 4.6 million views on the commercial posted on Samsung’s official YouTube channel February 19th, therefore the ad has gained a decent amount of attention. If this ad is truly effective toward Samsung’s current fans, what aspects make it such a success?
Samsung’s ad satisfies the “need to aggress” as mentioned in “Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals” by Jib Fowles, which is the need to get even. The parody of Apple’s commercial that Samsung produced, claims that they are just as good as Apple, if not better in all the aspects of Apple’s commercial. This also leads into the “need to dominate”, as Samsung blatantly claims their product is better than Apple’s competitor product. This makes fans of Samsung’s products, feel like they are fans of the superior product, therefore the ad is very effective to these individuals. These two basic appeals of advertising make the ad effective to many, but not all. Strong followers of Apple’s products were offended by the ad, because it could make them feel like they are fans of the inferior product; therefore, the ad can also be...

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