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Comparing Beach Vacation And City Vacation

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Where to go on vacation is a popular conundrum in many households every year. People enjoy going out of town to relieve stress and get away from work for a short time. The beach and the city are both great places to vacation. They are both open anytime of the year. It depends on what you want to accomplish where you should decide to go. I hope the next few paragraphs help you make that tough decision easier.
The items you need to bring with you can differ between the beach and the city but it can also be the same. At the beach you need to bring bathing suits and surf boards. At the beach you want to bring shorts and tank tops. While in the city it is wise to bring comfortable shoes and a jacket. The city you should bring shorts and comfortable shirts as well as dress clothes if you plan on attending a Broadway show or a musical or even go out to a nice restaurant. In the city and the beach if you want to do things outdoors you should bring sunscreen and shoes. In both places it is wise to bring cash for public transportation but different types are available in both places. And of course you will need to always bring your own toiletries.
The major difference between the city and the beach are the types of activities you can do. At the beach you can surf, relax on the beach, go for a boat ride to see dolphins or other forms of marine life, and build sand castles. In the city you can see museums, art galleries, theaters and plays. Both the beach and the city have attractions such as aquariums and historical places. It depends on how much you know and want to know about the area. Also there are the iconic scenes to see. In the city you can see lots of beautiful buildings, street vendors and the iconic yellow taxi. At the beach you want to see the weathered houses, beautiful sunsets and the gorgeous bridges. There are of course restaurants in both places, but it is the types that differ. At the beach the restaurants are mostly seafood. They also serve fresh caught food which makes it taste so good. The beach also has a few steak houses and little family restaurants which appeal to their way of life. Reservations are an option at almost every place but not required. Restaurants in the city consist of everything you...

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