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Comparing Between Health Care System In Uae And Uk

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Health is one of our top priorities in life, and it is really important to take care of it, Simply because there will be no civilizations without the presence of strength in humans, and the strength comes only from Health, that is why every country in the world seeks to increase the health state of their residents, by developing their health care system. In this research you will find a comparison between the health care system in the UAE and in the UK. Therefore, it is divided into four sections: The system, employees and health facilities, challenges and health statistics.
The System:
UK and the UAE health care systems are quite similar, they both depend on insurance and the health service are free in Governmental Hospitals and some private health centers for resident. (Health Statistics 2011, 2012; NHS, 2013) Although for the finance, the UK healthcare system depends on paid by the residents, unlike the UAE healthcare system finance comes from the government only, that is because of the Profit UAE gets from oil trade that allows the UAE to have a higher income. (MONETOS, unknown) Also, the UK expenditure on health is higher than UAE, because the UAE expenditure on health is 3.3%, while in UK it is 9.3%. (MONETOS, unknown) Furthermore, In prescribing medicine is free in UAE, While in UK it is free only for patients who are 16 years or less, or 60 years old or above, It is Also free for pregnant women, and any women who had a child in the last 12 months, and for patients with low income. (The Commonwealth fund, 2010)

Employees and Health Facilities:
According to WHO statistics, the numbers of doctors in the UK is 27.7% per 10,000 people, but in UAE it is 19.3% per 10,000 people. However, for nurses and midwives in UAE its 40.9% per 10,000 populations, and in the UK it is higher than UAE, it is 94.7% per 10,000 populations. This is because of two main reasons. The first reason is the number of the population, which is higher in the UK than in the UAE, and it is because of the lack of doctors from UAE citizens, so that affected the numbers of doctors and nurses. (WHO, unknown)
As a UAE citizen it’s known that some critical cases require transporting a patient overseas to get the necessary medical procedures, because the UAE Healthcare system lacks: pediatric service, oncology, women service, and diabetes care. (Factsheet: Health care Services UAE, 2013) On the other hand, UK had a lot of specialized facilities, which receive foreign patients from all around the world. (The Commonwealth fund, 2010)
In this section I will compare between statistics that are related to health, and the challenges that the healthcare systems in UAE and in UK face. UK health care system and the UAE Health care system face the same challenges, like in the chronic diseases, as they recently increased, mainly because of lifestyle changes in both countries. (Burbidge, Gahan, and Grosios , 2010; Haddad, 2013) Furthermore, the main risk factor...

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