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Comparing "Blue Winds Dancing" With "Lunch Counter Sit Ins"

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Comparing "Blue Winds Dancing" with "Lunch Counter sit-ins"The reason for choosing the "lunch Counter Sit-ins" in comparison with the shortstory "Blue Winds Dancing", is because they both deal with inequalities and acceptancebetween different races, especially between minorities and Caucasians. Both the "LunchCounter Sit-ins", and the short story "Blue Winds Dancing" take place in the early1970's. In addition to have taken place around the same time, both take place in a timewhen negativity towards minorities was not looked down upon. From segregation intransportation, education, and public facilities, to having returned in exile to one'svillage, they both represent a time unforgotten.The story "Blue winds dancing" is a short story about a man named TomWhitecloud, who has to deal with his problems towards society. Tom Whitecloud was a Native American who grew up with his family on a reservation. When he became old enough, he left home and went to national universities. Even throughout college he deals with his feelings of inadequacy everyday. Instead of trying to coincide with this "white society", as he refers to it as, tom decides he would be better off almost giving up and returning in exile to his village of origin, which is exactly what he does.The Lunch Counter sit-ins mainly deal with non-violent direct action for the blacks to be served at the same lunch counters as those of the white people. The first sit-in had very little effect until the civil rights organizations began to spread the word to other college campuses. Gordon Carey, a representative from the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), came down from New York to organize more sit-ins. Ella Baker of the SCLC contacted students on many college campuses. Two weeks later, students in eleven cities held sit-ins. Throughout these sit-ins they used this non-violent action and youth as their weapon against the war of segregation. Even throughout protest and boycotts, they were surprised only to have achieved moderate success in desegregating aspects of transportation, education, and facilities. The students, just like Tom Whitecloud had todeal with their unfair treatment by the white people.When Northern students heard of the movement, they decided to help theirSouthern counterparts by picketing local branches of chain stores that were segregated in the South. Martin Smolin, a Columbia student who led picketing at Woolworth's, explained, "People have asked me why northerners, especially white people, who have been in the majority in our picketing demonstrations in New York, take an active part in an issue which doesn't concern them. My answer is that injustice anywhere is everybody's concern." And when a reporter asked Congressman Adam Clayton Powell of Harlem if he was advocating that Negroes in New York stay out of national chain stores such as Woolworth's, he answered, "Oh no. I'm advocating that American citizens interested in democracy stay out of these stores."The first few weeks of...

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