Comparing Business Life In China And The United States

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to purchase land, and own it throughout our lives, and pass it on to future generations. As the owner of the land you have rights to it, and can build as you please.

“Lean” Mindset

A huge contrast in the way of life and how business is run in the U.S. and China are the lean practices we’ve adopted in American. One of the biggest goals corporations try to achieve is doing more with less. Because of the sheer number of people in China (1.6 Billion), they want to create as many jobs as possible. Here in the U.S. we believe in streamlining work practices, being very efficient, using minimal manpower as needed, and introducing robots and other machinery to eliminate the need for a person to have to do the job.

To observe the Chinese at work in many instances you’d think they were inefficient, you’d be right. This is a planned inefficiency; to create jobs for its citizens. I first noticed this concept while on the way out of a hotel in Shenzhen; I facetiously made a comment to my co-worker that China was very behind in its technology. The technology or lack of technology in particular was a manual gate that was manned by a person; instead of having an automatic gate. The gate had a counter-weight block on one end which required the worker to disengage a lever in order to raise and lower the gate. My co-worker began to explain to me the Chinese philosophy behind why the gate was not automatic. The Chinese government puts mandates on employers to implement ways in which to create as many jobs as they can, there are also incentives that encourage such practices.

There were many examples of ways in which the Chinese use antiquated methods in order to preserve jobs that I notice while I was in China. I observed street workers using straw brooms to clean the roads. It’s quite ironic that many of the brooms we have in the U.S. are made in China; meanwhile they are hand making less efficient brooms in China to sweep the roads. Also, in the U.S. we have street sweeping vehicles that quick clean the roads in a fraction of the time a person can. Also every gas station in China, which most are government owned, are full station gas stations that all but died out in the U.S. in the late 80’s. Having an attendant pump the gas creates many jobs in the Chinese economy.

It’s interesting to see the emphasis and valve different cultures places on things we in the U.S. don’t fathom to think about. You gain a great deal of respect for the Chinese people when you observe practices they implore to benefit its people.

Business practices that are important and unique in China

Gender specific jobs

It’s as though China is in a social time warp, in many aspects, as compared to the United States. A clear example of this time warp is the lack of affirmative action in China. Policy still practiced in China was eliminated in the U.S. more than 50 years ago. For example, certain jobs in China are reserved specifically for women. ...

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