Comparing Characters From Books "Six Impossible Things" And "Machine Gunners" Cbc Monologue

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Today I will be talking about the similarities and differences between two characters from the novels six impossible things which is written by Fiona Wood and machine gunners by Robert Wetsall. Both these books are similar but there are some obvious differences not only with the characters but with the setting and language. The characters I will be talking about today is Dan from six impossible things and Chas from machine gunners.

Dan is the main character in six impossible things. He is a young man who grew up faster than he could blink. One day his life was normal he had a dad and a mum with jobs and attended a good school and then the next he was surrounded by chaos. His father was gay, the family business destroyed, his mother not managing, the new school getting to him, the next door crush, and making friends was not yet to happen. Dan’s life is a mess but he came to a conclusion of six impossible things.

Chas is a character in machine gunners. He is a 14-year-old boy that is obsessed with collecting souvenirs, things like bits of shrapnel or flammable bomb fins from the raid. Chas has the second best collection in school. Chas then finds a German plane in the middle of the woods, it still has an intact and working machine gun. Chas then sees there’s a pilot still in the cockpit. The sight of the dead pilot shakes Chas up. Chas then takes the gun and puts it in his fortress where he and his friends wait until they spot a German plane. Once spotted they use the gun to shoot it down, and take the pilot hostage.

The similarities between these two characters is that they are both quite young but although this they act mature. They are both obsessed with something, Chas is obsessed with guns, while Dan is with Estelle. Both these characters have taken matters into their own hands, as it states in the book that Chaz cuts the gun off the plane and takes it and hides it. While in six impossible things Dan takes Estelle’s book in turn trying to get her to love him.

The differences among these...

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