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Comparing Charles Seales' Filas For Sale And William Meritt Chase's The Nursery

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I am going to compare and contrast two art works which are Filàs for Sale by Charles Searles and The Nursery by William Merritt Chase. I will mainly focus on the elements of line, space, light and color and the design of these two art works.The sun is the focal point of the painting. It used alternate colors of magenta and yellow for the sun radiates concentric circles. In the painting there are 5 black Africans, which located on the upper left, upper right, the edge of the right hand side and one in the lower left and the last one is at the mid-low of the painting. All of this Africans are projected outward from the central sun.The artist has employed overlapping in the upper portion, the sun is overlapped by two Africans who at the upper half of the painting. Although the artist used some skills for the space, however, it still give me a feeling that it is a relatively flat as compare to The Nursery.The color of this painting, the artist has chosen a wide range of hues and temperature. This makes the painting polychromatic. The color is expressed in arbitrary colors which has no realistic or natural relation to the objects that is depicted. For example the African's eyes are paint in red and yellow, the skin color is heavy dark block which is different from the real skin color. Also, some of the faces are partly yellow and partly blue. These arbitrary colors are also complementary color, which shows great contrast and tension.By all the repetitions of colors, lines and figures. There are repetitions of colors, lines and figures. Although there are various colored textile patterns, each pattern has its own color scheme - yellow arcs against a set of violet dots, for instance, in the swatch of cloth just above the pile of hats in the bottom of the painting - and all the different kinds of patterns combine to create an almost disorienting, confusing sense of movement and variety. Therefore, this sends us the message that in Filàs for Sale - and in most other paintings - variety and unity must work together, just as Charles Searles has succeeded to bring the various patterns together to create the feelings of the bustle and flurry of movement which encompasses the heart of the African crowded marketplace which he recollects in his first visit to the African. This is how the theme of the joyful and busy African lifestyle is expressed.For now, let's consider The Nursery, by William Merritt Chase. The painting is in asymmetrical balance in the sense that it can be divided by a vertical axis in two unequal parts. The left part of this vertical axis is smaller, about one-third of the total area, with the remaining as the right, larger part. In the left part, a woman with a bunch of blossoms in her hand is drawn in larger scale in front of a red wall, which is receding back into backspace of the paintings. While in the right part, the two rows of the wooden nursery recedes to a vanishing point in the upper half of the paintings with the...

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