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Comparing City Lifestyle With The Country Lifestyle

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Comparing City Lifestyle with the Country Lifestyle

At the beginning of last century only one tenth of world's population
lived in cities. Now a century later more then half the population
live in cities. People are inclined to live in the city for various
causes. These include work opportunities, entertainment and services.
Nevertheless people in the city complain about the stress of city life
and talk enviously of country life. Both lives have their own merits
and demerits.

The lifestyle in the country is definitely quite different to life in
the city. People's life in the country is centred on one thing, a pub.
In a country town a pub is the central place in everyone's life. It
acts like a meeting place where every person from the town comes
together. A pub is the entertainment hot spot for people in the

Attitudes to strangers differs form country to city. In a small
populated country town everyone knows each and every person and is not
used to seeing unkown individuals. Subsequently for that reason
residents of the town think or regard strangers in the town very

Country people lead a very simplistic life so their way of thinking is
very simple. To them every person fits into a specific category eg
truckie or bikie. As they have only seen truckies and bikies pass
through their midst. They rarely encounter people other than truckies
and bikies. For that reason they assume every one to be either a
truckie or a bikie

All of these country ways of living are evident in the poem 'hillston
welcome' by kominos. In the poem Kominos is given a very unfriendly

Welcome by a resident of the town. To him/her kominos is a stranger
and knowing nothing about him, automatically become suspicious. Due to
their limited exposure to different types of people they believe
Kominos to be a truckie or a bikie. Only when he didn't fit into
either category they thought ask him who he is. Kominos revealed he is
a poet.

In 'lord of the veranda', Ingram uses the veranda as a symbol...

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