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Comparing Different Ways Of Supplying Water To Kenya

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ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Write a report that compares two or three different ways to supply water in this region. At the end of the report, make a recommendation of the best method of water provision.

1. Introduction

Water is one of the vital substances on earth and according to Kreger (2004)“Actually, only 1% of the world's water is usable to us. About 97% is salty seawater, and 2% is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps. Thus that 1% of the world's water supply is a precious commodity necessary for our survival.” All humans on earth need water to survive. A human can go for weeks without food but only 5-7 days without water (Szflarski et al, 2013). When the water in your body is reduced by 1% you become thirsty. Apart from drinking it has other uses, which are cooking, washing and recreational activities. There are different sources of water, for example; surface water, which is water, that falls to the ground as rain. There are also rivers, lakes, springs, rock catchments areas and rock holes, excavated dams, bores and wells. The different geographical regions will influence all these sources.

2. Background
Kenya is located in east Africa. It is an arid and semi-arid zone, In Kenya there is a proverb “Maji ni uhai” which means, “Water is life” (Dell The University of Texas at Austin, 2012). For decades they have had problems with supplying water and according to Global Nature (2014) 12% of Kenyan households in rural areas have access to water system. The United Nations claim Kenya is one of the most ailing populations in the world. Snyder (2014) in her work states that Kenya has a population of 36.6 million and a yearly population growth of about 2.6%. A small portion of the land in Kenya is suitable for agriculture and throughout most of the year the climate is predominately arid. The country’s natural water resources also do not provide water to the various regions of the country, which makes it a major problem as this leaves majority of the inhabitants without fresh water. Kenya’s water politics have been another contributor to their water problem, because they have been a division between areas that have been privatized and some other sectors were investors have been stopped from improving. The women and children spend up to one third of their day fetching water in the harsh weather, going to the nearest source of fresh water therefore, it has brought about gender disparities; 64% of women get drinking water, 24% men, 8% girls and 4% boys (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION, 2010). Due to the long distances they cover in order to get this water they are exposed to a lot of dangers from predators for example snakes, most times before they get back home this fresh water is contaminated along the way which makes them vulnerable to water born diseases (DELL THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN, 2012).

2. Presentation of Options
The three options are chosen
• Water Harvesting
• Desalination
• Dug Well

3. Presentation of...

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