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Comparing Digital And Traditional Cameras Essay

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Comparing Digital and Traditional Cameras

With today's advancing technology, it is possible to do just about anything you want quickly and efficiently. You can order flowers to someone's house over the Internet, have a computer plot a map in your car, and send pictures to relatives via email. Digital cameras are the new way to record photos. There are many advantages of having your pictures on a disk or memory card as opposed to having a roll of film. New cameras have made it easier to load film, take pictures, and get superb quality; but digital cameras have taken it a step further. So which is better? Well, it all depends on your purposes and needs.
One of the most convenient things about a digital camera is not having to buy film. You can just take the picture, and hook it up to your computer for easy downloading. With one click of your mouse, you can send a single photo to an endless number of people like relatives and friends, and it will cost you nothing! You can cut and paste items or doctor up the photo with the aid of software. With a film type camera, you would have to get the film developed and have several doubles made which is quite expensive. You can easily put a photo on Ebay when selling an item or send a picture to friends using AOL Instant Messenger in seconds for free!
The downside of looking for a digital camera is they're quite expensive. If you want the quality (or close to it) of a traditional film type camera you can spend around $1000 on one. The memory sticks or cards are expensive as well. Newer models of some cameras have the feature of buying an optional memory card to hold up to 500 pictures. These cards are very expensive,

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but are quite small and easier to carry than a bunch of rolls of film. Digital cameras also use a lot of power and buying batteries will set you back some cash also.

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