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Comparing Documentaries: 9/11 And September Mourning

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Comparing Documentaries: 9/11 and September Mourning

The ways in which the codes and conventions are used the documentaries
are that many of them have an interviewer this is sometimes either an
invisible interviewer or the interviewer is present and is can be
picked out by the audience. Also the camera work differs. The two
documentaries I will be concentrating on will be '9/11' by the 'Naudet
brothers' (9/11, Naudet Brothers, 2002, Fr/US) '9/11'was released by
21st Century Fox, it was released as a film. September Mourning' by
'Roger Graef' (September Mourning, Roger Graef, 2002) this was
released by Roger Grief's own production company, this was released as
a T.V. documentary. Both of the documentaries are about the incident
that took place on September 11th 2001. The main differences between
the two documentaries are that 9/11's narrative was about a rookie
fire fighter and the events of September 11th just happened to be at
the same time. Also, '9/11' has many narratives. '9/11' tells you the
story of September 11th from a fire fighter's perspective and how the
Americans coped with it. Whereas 'September Mourning' is about the
after effects and how the families have coped with it.

In both documentaries there is hand-held camera work. In '9/11' the
'Naudet' brothers are filming the fire fighters and in 'September
Mourning' Roger Graef has spent 6 months with the relatives of the
victims. '9/11' has an introduction in which Robert Di Niro is in, he
is from New York and is a well known actor so he feels as if he was
involved in September 11th. He is standing in what looks like a 'fake
background' in a studio. It is also dark and only has been lit by
streetlights. He goes on to saying how that day had changed the whole
of America's history. In Newsnight Review 'Mark Kermode' says that
Robert Di Niro isn't good at introductions and that he's just there
because it is to show the audience that the events did affect actors
and celebrities. He also starred in the movie 'Backdraft' in which he
was a fire fighter. Just after the intro it shows the plane hitting
the World Trade Centre. The title is '9/11' this is written in white
on a black background. This tells us that this documentary is about a
serious matter.

In 'September Mourning' the most of the footage is hand held and
sometimes on tripod. The intro to 'September Mourning' is just a view
of the New York skyline and it shows emptiness in the sky line.
Throughout the documentary many different angles of the skyline are
shown, they are also shown at different times of the day. On some of
the views of the skyline Roger Graef has added extra tints to the sky.
On the first image shown the sky seems to be a very midnight blue
colour, it doesn't seem to be natural. 'September Mourning' could be
classified as an observational...

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