Comparing Effects Of The Restricted Carbohydrate Diet And Non Restricted Carbohydrate Diet

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Comparing Effects of the Restricted Carbohydrate Diet and Non-restricted Carbohydrate Diet

        It is recommended by Grosvenor and Smolin in “Nutrition: From Science to
Life,” that if one decides to lose weight, one should consider the contents
of the food consumed and incorporate a daily exercise routine.  There are multiple studies to support the idea that a diet that includes a low consumption of carbohydrate and a high consumption of fats, also known as the Atkin’s Diet, will cause one to feel less active compared to others who will include carbohydrate as one of the main food groups in their diet. Participants in a study conducted by Wells and Read in 1996 concluded that they felt significantly less energetic and more fatigue and nauseated after consuming a low-carbohydrate and high-fat meal compared to participants who
had a meal that contained 50- 60% carbohydrates. In addition a similar
study conducted by Lloyd, Green, and Rogers in 1994 also concluded that a
high fat meal causes participants in their study to report more negative
feelings. Participants reported that although they felt that they had
consumed enough food to satisfy their hunger they also reported that they
felt less energetic and their overall moods shows more anxiety, despair,
stress and anger compared to other participants who consumed a moderate
amount of fat.

        Scientists believe the reports of negative moods such as the anxiety,
despair, or lack of energy in dieters consuming a carbohydrate-restricted
diet may be caused by a physiological reason in the brain. The brain,
amongst other organs of the body, uses the components of carbohydrates as
its main resource for energy therefore when dieters restrict the amount of
carbohydrates in their diet they are also restricting fuel for the brain to
function. The lack of fuel for normal brain function causes the
hypothalamus, the part of the brain believed to regulate hunger and
emotions, to also be affected increasing negative emotional affect. Dieters
who consumed a mixed amount of carbohydrates and fats in their meals did
not report significant amount of anxiety, despair, or lack of energy due to
the meal. Consequently, the low consumption of carbohydrates may cause the
bad moods in dieters which in turn can...

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