Comparing Fascism, Communism And Nazism Essay

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Comparing Fascism, Communism and Nazism

Fascism, and discontent go hand in hand. After WWI Europe was devastated, the people had lost hope in the systems, neither the liberals, nor conservatives had been able to prevent the terrible disaster that was the war. Socialists were the closest one, however not happy with socialism either, a group of socialist joined and formed their own ideology. The difference between this new ideology, and other that had originated before, is that the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about fascism, is not what they stood for but what they hated most. Fascist hated socialism because of its internationality. They hated liberals because specifically because their ideology center in the individual strength of the human been, and in sharing when a variety of thoughts are in conflict, not imposing. They hated conservatives because they like to preserve the system, and for them change had to be very small, and slow, while fascist wanted radical change now.

Fascism and communism had a lot in common. They both wanted radical change, and they both believe in the use of violence to achieve their goals. In fact this is exactly what the Russian revolution was about, so why did the fascist hate the communist too? First, they were reacting to the Russian Revolution, and their relation to WWI. People lost faith in everything that existed before after the War, and the Russian Revolution was part of that. A radical difference between them and communists is that while communists emphasized the struggle of classes; fascists in the union of all classes.

There are a lot of similarities between Fascism, and Nazism. For example, both believe in the union of classes. In order to reach this goal it was necessary to reach each and every person, so they put great emphases in providing massive awareness through rallies, programmed tv, and radio. They put great emphasis in symbols, and they consider their leader to the greatest symbol since they had to embody the ideal of the nation. Both of them attempted to militarize politics, which is...

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