Comparing Flatland And Little House On The Prairie

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Flatland and Little House on the Prairie


Simplicity clashes with stress. Living with the bare necessities, the working class families keep themselves happy. The husband works while the wife cooks the meals and takes care of the children. No desire for excessive amounts of m oney exists, just a desire for a strong bond within the family. Upper-class families or families striving for success invite stress into their lives. Too much stress from greedy desires of power creates tension in homes. The higher people c limb up society's ladder, the more likely their families are to fall apart. Flatland, by Edwin Abbott, presents the two dimensional world as a society with mostly working class families. A. Square, the narrator, enlightene d by a three dimensional experience longs to tell of the new knowledge revealed to him. Having no desire to learn of this foreign land called "Spaceland," the citizens of Flatland have A Square locked up. From past experiences, peo ple in Flatland know that new ideas cause turmoil amongst themselves. Focusing on having the basics for survival and a strong love within the family produces a peaceful and less stressful environment.


The lngles family from Little House on the Prairie, a popular television series, demonstrates the working class. Mr. Ingles works while Mrs. Ingles takes care of the household duties. The family displays a genuin e happiness. They have no modern utilities, but they have each other. They have a strong love within their family, and worldly materials serve little importance to them. A typical family today displays tremendous difference s compared to the Ingles family. Jealously and competitiveness play a major part in showing these variations. In Flatland Triangles were lower than Squares and Squares were lower than Pentagons. When the Coulour Bill cam e about there were chances that a lower class could disguise as a higher class. This, change, brings about jealousy. Families today compete with other families. Who has a nicer car, bigger house, and more friends? These question s show what the families truly value. Competitiveness has consumed family lives. People try to out do others for all the wrong reasons.


What do people value most? Why do they work so hard? Parents claim it is for their children. However, they can buy their daughter a new car, send their son to an expensive college, and keep their children dressed in what teenagers consider th e "cool cloths" to keep their image. What led parents to have such confused motives in providing for their children? Peer pressure seems to answer this question. Some children in working- class families (who experience love while growi ng up) find that they become a topic of conversation by those who have learned to love material things. While in school he will hear comments such as, "Look what he has on!" directed towards his less expensive clothing. Soon the child loses wha t...

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