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Comparing Han China And Ancient Rome

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When comparing different societies in ancient history you may not think that Han China and Ancient Rome had a lot in common. These two great societies had many similarities and differences, especially in their social structures. These similarities and differences are all due to Han China’s and Ancient Rome’s governments, family structures and religions. Both of these wonderful empires lasted for approximately 400 years and had lasting effects on the lands they conquered.

Han China and Ancient shared bureaucratic governments. This means that they had a government ruled by unelected officials, giving the people little to no say in government. In Rome the ruler was once a king but then their government transitioned to an oligarchy, which would put the rich people in the highest place in society. On the other hand in Han China, which was an imperial dynasty, and emperors were decided by the Mandate of Heaven. The Mandate gave the common man a chance to become a major ruler during the Han period. The Han government was mainly influenced by confucian government while Romes was based on Roman law and the classics. The Han government spread Confucianism since that was the basis for their government. Rome also relied on local rulers to make sure that their many lands were following rules and not plotting against them. Both the Han and Rome shared a bureaucratic government which affected their social structures in different ways.

Another similarity shared by the Han and Ancient Rome was the tradition of a patriarchal society, which was known as Pater Familia in Ancient Rome. In these societies the man ran the household and the government, basically the man ran every aspect of life. The Pater Familia was the head of a Roman family, the oldest man in the family. The Pater Familia took care of the family, both blood and adopted relatives, under law. Han China was also very patriarchal. The Han Dynasty was a dynasty of men, ruling father to son. Women, who were looked down upon as the weaker less important sex, also had a list of 4 Virtues to live up to; proper virtue, proper speech, proper countenance and proper merit. Women were expecting to produce babies and watch the family while the men did the real work. Another importance in Han family structures was Filial Piety,...

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