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Comparing Happiness Through Social Media Essay

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Think about what would make you happy right now. Most of us would say something that relates to money or something luxurious we see on TV shows. Maybe a new car would make you happy or the house of your dreams. We all have analogous goals and aspirations. From a young age, we are programmed to want certain things. We see images in movies or in TV shows that are appealing. We think that with money, all of our tribulations will wash away. That’s why people go to work or buy lottery tickets or even gamble. We want what society has told us we want our whole lives and we are not fully satisfied with life until we obtain these goals. Society builds this perfect image in our heads of what happiness is supposed to look like and today’s modern technologies and our upbringings are significantly influenced by it.
People concentrate on where they stand compared to other people to determine their happiness. What they do not realize is that they are seeing other people’s highlight moments but they don't see the struggle they went through. People who are successful and happy didn't just wake up one day and achieve their goals. For example, someone who has an expensive sports car went through a great deal of hard work to acquire that car. They overcame a protracted and tedious journey to be where they are. Yet, people are still unhappy with the way their lives are. They do not realize that the work you put into the whole process is what makes you appreciate your goal when you achieve it. These comparisons blind us to the actual process of reaching our goals.
Social media has become a large part of today’s modern society and it plays a large part in the comparisons we make. Social media can get out of hand at times and cause detachment, loneliness, and boredom, which ultimately leads to the lack of happiness. As social media becomes a large part of our society, more time is being spent online viewing other peoples updates and statuses rather than having an actual face to face interactions. Julie Ross, director of Tuft University’s Counseling and Mental Health Service, had the following to say about medial effects on happiness: “Having a constant focus on what is happening somewhere else effectively removes people from staying connected in the face-to-face interactions they could be having, or are having at the moment, as those interactions get constantly interrupted by electronic signals from the phone or computer. Social media can provide the appearance of connection without an authentic connection” (McDaniel, 1). Without personal connections with people, we start to feel distant from actual life.
Spending too much time on social media sites, can cause envy and bitterness. In fact, a new study done by the Institute of Information Systems in Berlin, Germany states that people tend to get jealous of their Facebook friends when they see that they are doing more enjoying things than they are. As a part of the study done at the Institute of Information Systems,...

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