Comparing Highschool And College Essay

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Comparing Highschool and College

“Life belongs to the living, and he who lives must be prepared for changes.” Johann Von Goethe wrote the previous quote. He was trying to emphasize that everything in life brings about change. Attending high school and college is a decision that brings about consistency as well as change. Even though they both serve the purpose of educating, there are great differences and similarities in the high school and college experience. Honors and advance placement classes in secondary school prepare one for the challenge of higher educational opportunities in college. On the other hand, the freshmen experience in college is much more challenging. One must dedicate much more time to his or her studies in order to succeed. Essentially, in order to move on to a higher educational level, one must enhance his or her character, mature, and accept and adapt to change.

     Both high school and college make a certain commitment to each student. They are committed to provide the students with remarkable opportunities to pursue and enhance their education. For example, scholarships, loans, and financial aid can provide the student with an opportunity to pursue his or her education, no matter what their financial status is.

     Aside from the students, high school and college would be meaningless without its faculty. Most teachers and professors in high school and college are well-educated individuals. They have spent some years studying to obtain a teaching degree. As teachers and professors, their main concern (or goal) is for the student to learn, understand, and master the course they teach. The teacher or professor may accomplish this goal by reviewing the material, emphasizing key points, or providing the students with examples that they could easily relate to. Most of them are willing to dedicate extra time to help the student meet his or her needs. Several high school teachers, as well as some college professors go beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic. They teach you about life in general, all its hardships and all its rewards. Receiving a good education is great, but enhancing your individuality and growing as a person is just as important. Some teachers and professors discuss their own personal experiences and lessons, which they have encountered throughout life. These lessons in life could impact the student and educate them as well.

As high school or college level students, countless efforts are required to successfully achieve certain goals. One common goal shared by many high school and college students is the desire to get good grades. This goal is not always easy to attain; therefore it requires much effort. Determination, dedication, perseverance, and patience are all key factors for success in school. It is also necessary to pay attention in class, take down good notes, complete all the assignments instructed by the professor, and study (in advance) for exams. These key factors and study habits...

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