Comparing Hitler And Kim Jong Un’s Leadership.

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Many countries have had many different leaders. Two of those leaders are Adolf Hitler and Kim Jong-un. Though, their ways of ruling are similar in some ways they are also very different. Hitler’s method of ruling resulted in more deaths than Kim’s has.
Hitler became chancellor of Germany in January of 1933 “Hindenburg appointed Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler (1889–1945) as chancellor of Germany. Many people thought that the newly appointed chancellor would either be easy to control or would only last a few months. They were wrong on both assumptions." ("Adolf Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany"). Almost immediately after he was named chancellor, Hitler set about consolidating power for himself and the Nazi Party. A series of events, some of which he orchestrated and some that he may have only used for his own purposes, helped him in his efforts. One example is the fire at the Reichstag building. ("Adolf Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany").
Unlike Hitler, Kim only became leader of North Korea after his fathers death. On December 19, 2011, the government of North Korea announced the death of its leader Kim Jong Il, his son and successor, Kim Jong-un, began the process of assuming the leadership of the country. "Just two days before the nation was to celebrate the 100th birthday of his revered grandfather and the founder of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim Il-sung, the North Korean military launched a rocket intended to put a satellite into orbit." ("Kim Jong Il Dies"). That ended in failure, when the rocket broke up over the Yellow Sea. It was extremely humiliating for the new leader, and it led to global speculation as to whether anyone would challenge his rule. What really bothered the other world leaders was the question of whether or not Kim Jong-un would try to recover his honor and consolidate his power with an even larger display of military force ("Kim Jong-un Dies").
Hitler also used some military force while he was a ruler. In 1923, Hitler tried to seize power in Germany. In a beer hall outside of Munich, government officials were speaking to a large group of men. Suddenly, Hitler and his Nazi militia burst in and tried to force the officials to declare a revolution. This attempt to seize power failed when the officials got away. The following day, Hitler and his storm troopers marched on the War Ministry building and were fired on by police. Hitler got away only to be found a few days later and arrested for high treason. Instead of life imprisonment, though, Hitler was given a sentence of five years of comfortable confinement. He served only nine months. After he was released in 1925, he tried to have the Nazis elected to public office. However, people did not listen to him until the after the 1929 New York stock market crash. This worsened the problem they were already having with the world economy. Many Germans, now jobless, began to hear Hitler's powerful message of a Third Reich. He used his talent...

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