Comparing Holocaut To Present Genocide In Iraq And Kosovoin I

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What happened in the Holocaust was terrible. Some of the things that happened were the concentration camps and Kristall Nacht, which in English means Night of Broken Glass. Another thing that happened in the Holocaust was the use of poison gas. The Nazi's did both these things to Jews. These things were done because a group of people hated another group of people. Things like these want on after World War II also. Some of these things were Saddam Hussein tired to kill The Kurds. Another thing that happened was what went on in Kosovo in 1999. The Albanian people want to kill the Muslims who leave in Kosovo.During World War II a lot of bad things happened. But the worst thing that happened was the Holocaust. In the Holocaust more the six million Jews died. The Holocaust happened when Hitler said that he wants to kill all the Jews in the world. On November 9, 1938 Kristall Nacht happened. This term meant The Night of Broken Glass. The Night of Broken Glass was when all the Jews who lived in Germany were taken out of their homes and send to concentration. While the Night of Broken Glass went on the Nazis killed more than 90 Jews in only that one night. In the concentration camps the Jews were made to work. They would get almost no food. Then the Nazi leaders would come to the concentration camps and look how the Jews were doing. If they saw a Jew who was out of shape they would tell of the soldiers who was watching how the Jews were working in the camp. The soldier would then call that person over and then he would kill him or her. These would go on for years. The worst part about the countries that didn't like what was going on couldn't do anything because they were fighting a war. Another thing that was used in the Holocaust was poison gas. Jews that were not able to work were send to the "showers". But really the Jews would not take a shower but be killed with poison gas.In 1990 in Iraq Saddam Hussein tried to kill...

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