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Human Resources Management (HRM) has become a critical component in business strategy of a company which could provide a comprehensive, strategic approach to the management of people, particularly, the MNCs. However, IHRM is largely more complex than HRM, especially the complicated operation. In this essay, I am going to state the functions and activities of HRM and IHRM, then mainly analyze the complex of IHRM through organizational strategy and operation.

The HR practitioners have become more and more popular and important job title in last two decades. As a domestic HR practitioner, there are a few steps and operations he/she need to concern. Firstly, HR practitioners need to have a “big blueprint” to understand the business strategy, and then, develop a mission statement, which is related to the people of organization. Besides, a SWOT analysis can help HRM well focus on internal and external information. Subsequently, conducting a detailed HR analysis is the most important operation, HR practitioners concentrate on the organization's COPS (culture, organization, people, HR systems), such as the belief and ethic of employees, management style and culture of the organization; the structure and job roles of the organization; staff skills and potentials; the connection with LMs, staff selection, reward system, employee relationship, training and development.ect. Finally, developing the solution of the HR analysis and implement the operations. US department of labor had clear characteristics of good HRM operation in 1993: careful and extensive systems for recruitment, selecting and training; formal system for information sharing with employees in organisation; clear job design; participation procedure; monitoring of attitude; individual performance appraisals; properly functioning grievance procedures; promotion and compensation theme. Besides, the role of line managers in operational HRM has been seen as a touchstone of HRM (Storey 1992, 1995). In Europe, the trend is to give line managers more responsibility for staff management (Brewster, 1999). In addition, the domestic HRM usually use their culture as standard and judge others by the extent they meet the standard (Triandis, 1990), which is a little self-centeredness. Also, a domestic HR practitioner have a responsibility to concern and improve “communication”, “empowerment”, “recognition”, “positivity” across all employees in organisation. Therefore, the domestic HR practitioners in operational are more concern with their own national law, organizational culture and size. But the ratio of HR practitioners, or the size of HR department, varied considerably with, mainly, country, but also with the size of organization (Brewster et al, 2006), there are more varieties and complex when a HR practitioner “go international”.

Nowadays, business has increasingly “globalised” (Dowling and Welch 2004). As the multinationals, they face more challenges in foreign countries than at home. Dowling...

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