Comparing Iago From Othello And Voldemort From Harry Potter

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In most works of literature there is an “evil” character that has conflicting interests with the protagonist. This issue may arise in multiple forms including, but not limited to, abuse and manipulation. In this paper we will be discussing the similarities and differences between Shakespeare’s character Iago from Othello and J.K. Rowling’s character Voldemort from the Harry Potter series.
There are two kinds of evil, moral and natural. Moral evil is things like murder, rape, stealing, terrorism, etc. Natural evil is things like suffering and unpleasantness typically as a result of moral evil. Evil is that which has no power of its own. Evil is darkness, a negation of light. Its power ...view middle of the document...

After being told about Harry Potter, the only single being with the power to destroy him, Voldemort set out to kill him. After murdering Lily and James, Harry’s parents, Voldemort turned to kill Harry but because of the love and sacrifice the Potters had Voldemort’s curse backfired onto him and his human body was destroyed.
After thirteen long years being spent in the Albania forest, Voldemort finally gained the strength to create a new body with the help of Potters own blood and the Dark Lord rose again. In the beginning he laid low, not wanting anyone to learn his whereabouts. But soon Voldemort was forced into the open and began his bloody overthrow of the wizarding world afresh.
After two years of steady welfare Voldemort finally gained control of the Ministry of Magic, and ruled basically undisturbed. Even though he had control over the country Voldemort was not satisfied, he had not yet removed the nightmare the prophecy presented to him. After learning Potter’s location Voldemort set out to destroy him once and for all sending his complete army against Hogwarts. After arriving to the school Voldemort was met by a massive rebellious army of Hogwarts staff and students along with the members of the Order of the Phoenix and the residents of Hogsmeade. As the battle advanced the Death Eaters were driven into the Great Hall, where Voldemort challenged Harry Potter into a fight, and, because all of his Horcruxes were destroyed, Tom Marvolo Riddle was finally dead once and for all. Tom’s mutilated soul was hen trapped in a limbo for eternity, unable to move on or return as a ghost.
Voldemort is a true example of what we call true evil. He killed people for pure joy and entertainment with no remorse. Some think that Tom was acting out because he was starving for attention. From basically birth Tom as put in a room full of children and left there with no love or compassion. He was not able to make logical decisions because he was never taught how. Tom made impulsive decisions based on the hate he felt inside.

Iago’s character was overwhelmed with jealousy and hatred. He is jealous of...

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