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Both White Castle and McDonald’s have a long history of providing fast, cheap, and convenient fast-food. Both companies had started with one store, and then expanded into a franchise. To stay competitive they created new and innovative ways to create new customers and keep most of their value loyal customers. In comparison there were several differences and some similarities to each business. Both provide similar customer benefit package, both target on the go, and budget conscious customers, both have viable locations. The servicescape of each store is very different for each. The service encounter was also very different. The process and design of both facilities was similar, which does not leave room for custom orders. The facility layout is markedly different also. White Castle and McDonald’s both provide similar service with differences that are clearly apart.
At McDonald’s the customer benefit package includes the primary good is fast-food service at a cheap price, hamburgers, and French fries, breakfast and some healthier food items. The peripheral goods are free Wi-Fi, Gift cards, Red Box machine for DVD’s and Play Place & Parties at this location. The variants are located across the street from the Belle-Clair Fairgrounds, located near downtown, and located near highway 15. The different benefit package for this store caters to a diverse population, which includes families and children, young professionals, the elderly, local businesses to include the fairgrounds, and people who are eating healthy on a budget.
At White Castle the customer benefit is similar. The primary good is fast-food at a cheap price, particularly small mini burgers, breakfast. The peripheral goods are, call in orders for pick-up, gift cards and collectable mugs. White Castle also provides frozen burgers at super markets. The variant is the location of this store, which is in a shopping center off highway 15. This store provides for the person on the go, and the customer that finds the regular sized burgers too large for consumption.
Service delivery design of McDonald’s plays a huge part in the success of this store, and McDonald’s has utilized the servicescape perfectly. The facility location and layout is ideal. This location is perfect for fairground goers, and the daily traffic that passes by, also within walking distance of lower income homes. The layout is spacious and open to allow for convenient flow of customers. The ambient effect they used are large windows that gives the customer the feeling of the outdoors, the color choice of blue and green gives off a calming feeling, booths and table seating is spread out, contemporary designed, and allows for handicapped seating. Layout functionality includes bathrooms that are easily identifiable, parking all around the building, and this location added double drive-thru with two reserved stations to wait for orders conveniently out of traffic. The signs and symbols used is the very famous “Golden Arches”,...

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