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Comparing Medicaid In Michigan And Indiana

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Eligibility for Medicaid programs in Michigan is based on either income only or income and assets. In addition, many of the programs available have age restrictions and/or require applicants to have certain health conditions (e.g. pregnancy). Eligibility requirements for Medicaid in Indiana are similar to those of Michigan. The two programs, however, do contrast in three substantial ways. Two out of three of these ways indicates that Indiana has the better program.

Michigan’s Eligibility Criteria for Medicaid

Traditional Medicaid is available, in Michigan, to adults that are taking care of a dependant child(ren), are on Supplemental Security income (SSI), aged, blind, disabled and those diagnosed with a permanent disability or that were blind before the age of 22 (MDCH, 2014). Many of these categories include an income and asset test (MDCH, 2014). There is also a program called the Adult Medical Program that provides limited services to childless adults that do not qualify for Medicaid (MDCH, 2014). There is an income and asset test for this program as well.
Michigan also has a Medicaid program that is available to all low-income adults that are permanent residents of Michigan. This Medicaid program is subject to an income and asset test (MDCH, 2014). If the person does not pass the income and asset test, they may still qualify but will have to pay a deductible before benefits would start (MDCH, 2014). This is called the Medicaid “Spend-down” Program (MDCH, 2014).
Another of Michigan's Medicaid programs is called Healthy Kids and is for low-income children under 19 years of age and pregnant women (MDCH, 2014). There is no monthly premium for this and there is only an income test (MDCH, 2014). The benefits of Healthy Kids include not only basic health care but vision, dental, and mental health as well (MDCH, 2014).
There are also additional programs for pregnant women who do not qualify for the Healthy Kids program. One of these programs is similar to the Medicaid "Spend-Down" program mentioned above. If a pregnant woman does not qualify due to income, she will be assigned a deductible and will qualify for the program once the deductible has been met (MDCH, 2014). Another program, for pregnant women, is the MOMS (Maternity Outpatient Medical Services) program, which helps pregnant women get prenatal care while their Medicaid application is pending (MDCH, 2014).
For families, Medicaid is available based on income and asset tests (MDCH, 2014). Families that receive cash assistance from the state are automatically enrolled but do not have to apply for cash assistance to qualify for the service (MDCH, 2014). There are also other programs, for families, to help them if they no longer qualify for Medicaid because of situations such as receiving child support income, increased income from employment, or the inability to obtain employer-sponsored coverage (MDCH, 2014) but these are not Medicaid programs.

Indiana’s Eligibility...

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