Comparing Mormon Temple Rituals To Wicca Rituals

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Comparing Mormon with Wicca

Contrasting with The Bible

Is there one God or are there many gods? Is there God or are there gods and goddesses? What about the afterlife? What lies ahead for those who pass on from this world? Will they go through pearly gates, become a ruler of their own planet, or come back as a spirit guide to those left here on earth? Although the beliefs of the Mormon Church are comparative with other Christian religions, they also share several beliefs and rituals with those, such as Wicca, who study the art of neo-paganism.

The history of the Mormon Church goes back to 1863 when its founder, Joseph Smith, II, claimed to have a vision of the angel Moroni, who appeared to him in upper New York State and instructed him to interpret ancient writings on gold plates. The Mormon doctrine states that Jesus, after His resurrection, appeared to the Native Americans. The accounts with the Native Americans were transcribed onto the gold plates according to Moroni, the messenger. One doctrine of the Mormon Church, The Pearl of Great Price, shares a lot of the private journals of founder Joseph Smith. Founder Smith recalls, "He called me by name, and said that he was a messenger...and that his name was Moroni...," (Pearl. II:33) This is one of the main cornerstones of the Mormon doctrine. The Mormon Church had its beginnings from New York and traveled to Kirtland, Ohio, then on to Spring Hill (Independence), Missouri, and finally traveled back to Nauvoo, Illinois. It was at Nauvoo where on, Jun 27, 1844, Joseph Smith, III, his brother Hyrum Smith and friend John Taylor were ambushed at the Nauvoo-Carthage Jail. In the course of events that transpired, Joseph and Hyrum were murdered in the upper bedroom of the jail. It was after the death of their founder, that hostilities and power struggles up rose. Power struggles rose up between several of the church leaders and the church split into twenty-one factions of which many today are extinct. Three of the main factions were: the Strangites, who settled in Wisconsin under James Jesse Strang; the Josephites, who settled in Lamoni, Iowa under Joseph Smith, III, the son of the founder, (now known as the Reorganized Later-Day Saints); and the Brighamites, who settled in Salt Lake City, Utah under Brigham Young, who was the self-proclaimed president of what is now known as The Church of Latter-Day Saints. The Strangites and Josephites strongly disagreed with several issues that were originated by founder Joseph Smith. These included: temple building, polygamy and the character of God. However, the Brighamites stayed faithful and true to all of the original doctrines of the church. Brighamites are the most influential and radical followers of the Mormon faith. This church, as a whole, is classified as a Pseudo-Christian religion. This is because the Bible is one of their core doctrines. It is, however, subservient to that of The Book...

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