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Comparing Mothers Against Drunk Driving And National Urban Leagues

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the name may seem to be obvious as to what this organization is working towards; although there are more than just mothers and it is more than just drinking and driving it is calling to attention. MADD also focuses on underage drinking and of course includes any and all people, whether fathers, sisters, grandparents, neighbors and friends, who work to “stop drunk driving and support the victims of this violent crime” (MADD, 2014). They have been quite successful, the organization bases its effectiveness on the decline of deadly accidents involving a person who has been drinking and driving. The official website for Mothers Against Drunk Driving,, states that since 2006 when the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving started, “Drunk driving fatalities have declined 23 percent since 2006” (2014). That success gives the people more encouragement to keep pressing in, because with the success stories there are still too many horror stories. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013) most recent reports, the number of alcohol related vehicle deaths in 2010 was 10,228, compared with numbers provided by MADD 10,322 in 2012 (2014). That is a small increase but National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2013) reports that total highway deaths are at historic lows for the past five years; that includes any deaths, not just alcohol and drug related. Even with the slight increase from 2010 to 2012 the number of deaths is still lower than in 2006 when the Campaign started with the number over 13,000. MADD has a goal of decreasing the number of people involved in accidents involving drunk driving by five percent in 2013, those reports are not out yet (MADD, 2014).
I can remember the red ribbons as a child, that was over 20 years ago and us kids knew what they meant. It seemed like almost every car I saw had a red ribbon tied on the antenna, MADD was founded in 1980 and is the largest nonprofit organization with the goal of ending drunk driving (MADD, 2014). The statistics prove that there has been a decline in fatal drunk driving accidents, and MADD was one of the best known advocates against the crime. They have made it more than just a social issue that happens to people on the other side of the country, they gave the victims a voice and a face, a mother’s face. After seven short years since starting the Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving along with lower fatal crashes other goals have been reached, including these three which were found on MADDs website, “20 states have mandatory all-offender ignition interlock laws, up from only one state. All 50 states now have some form of ignition interlock law, up from 45. Advanced in-vehicle alcohol detection technology is no longer just a concept, now in its second phase of development.”(2014)
National Urban Leagues’ mission is “To enable African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights” (National Urban League...

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