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Comparing O'hara And Plath, As They See Themselves

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Art comes in many forms whether it is through literature, a painting, or movies, people express themselves through their art as an outlet yet they become so attached to their pieces as if it were a living breathing creature that it can never hold up to their own standards. The works that each artist completes never really feels finished to an extent. There is always room for the artist to add or fix and give their creation life. they can never feel fully satisfied with the work they have accomplished.
Frank O’Hara’s poem of why I am not a painter shows how he truly is an artist yet he can never fully see himself as one. He sees his friend painting and to him it looks like he knows where he is going yet with his own work he cannot accomplish what he wants. He questions himself and his ability in the third stanza he talks about his work says “but me?” showing his insecurity about writing poems even though that is what he does. He writes about what he thinks using the color orange. The orange is a color that represents change of season from summer to autumn and is very vibrant. Also associated with a citrus it has a bitter taste to it. he shows how bitter he himself is with the poem when he cant finish writing it. he says “there should be so much more” and that the poem needs more words speaking of “how terrible orange is and of life.” Orange is a color made up of two others so it carries some of their qualities with it. While it is not as strong and as boisterous as red is it is still not totally cheerful as yellow is. The color is stuck at an in-between phase that yells but tries to stay come much like the way he yells at his piece and feels that it is not complete. Immediately after he finishes the first line of the poem about oranges he immediately says he thinks it needs more. Then soon he is writing full pages and he feels the need to prove to us he is an actual poet. He keeps mentioning how he writes more and more saying “It is even in prose” as if to convince us that he truly is a poet. He continues to add to the poem showing off how he makes it not so obvious it is about oranges and how he writes a whole set of twelve poems to show that it is a full dozen yet he himself does not seemed to be truly convinced. When the last line says “I see Mike’s painting, called SARDINES” there is a bitter sense to it as if he almost resents the painting for being complete yet...

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