Comparing Organizational Codes Of Test Users

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Comparing Codes for Test Users
Throughout history mankind has utilized testing. Testing or experiments are done on a daily basis. People do this without even realizing it; it has become part of our daily lives. Most of today’s modern technology such as electricity, cars, and even television were based on a series of experiments. Humans are known to be curious and want to understand how and why things were or happen. This curiosity extends to wanting to know how we act, feel, and understand things. Performing tests on living things must be done cautiously. Inappropriate treatment in experiments leads to develop specific rules for testing. As testing grew the realization grew that rules to protect the test takers needed to be in place. This was to assure that there was no harm done to the participants.
American Counseling Association
The American Counseling Association felt that this should be addressed in their code of ethics (ACA, 2005). It is addressed in section E. The American Counseling Association felt that counselors should only test in areas in which they been trained and attempted under strict supervision. The counselor must always have their client as their top concern. It was essential that no harm was ever bestowed on the client. This included the test user being able to interpret and understand all data gathered. Counselors must understand areas such as margin of error and validity of the test instrument. Counselors must understand the factors that may contribute to this. The counselor may only use test that are current and not use outdated instruments (ACA 2005).
The counselor has a huge responsibility to the participant or test taker. The counselor must explain the reason why test is being given to the participant. The counselor must consider all factors of bias in selecting the test and this should be explained to the participant. The participant must be made aware of information that makes the test valid. The counselor must explain their interpretation of the test and explain their conclusions. To assure confidentiality, they must store the test and all related information in a secure place. If the counselor wants to share the information to another person or organization they must gain written consent from the participant. The only exception to this is when the evaluation is court ordered (ACA, 2005). If a counselor refers a client out for an evaluation, the participant should receive an explanation from the counselor as to why it is in the best interest of the participant. The referring counselor should also forward this information to the receiving person or agency. The counselor can choose to withhold findings of the test if it is to cause harm.
If it is a forensic evaluation, counselors are prohibited from evaluating current or past clients. Counselors cannot evaluate previous clients that have evaluated. Counselors should never evaluate personal friends or...

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