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For my paper I have chose to write about the institutions of the prison and the university. I will be defining these terms as an institution and also be comparing and contrasting both. These two institutions both serve a very specific purpose to what try to accomplish and as well have many similarities and differences.For my paper I have chose to write about the institutions of the prison and the university. I will be defining these terms as an institution and also be comparing and contrasting both. These two institutions both serve a very specific purpose to what try to accomplish and as well have many similarities and differences. I will first define and write about prison. As defined in the Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, prison is defined as an institution (as one under state jurisdiction) for confinement of persons convicted of serious crimes. As it may not seem to us today, the use of institutions for the extended confinement of offenders, as the method of punishment, is a relatively recent idea. Not until the later years of the nineteenth century, the usual method of dealing with convicted offenders as to "impose fines or to mete out to them some more of less brutal form of corporal punishment, such as execution, flogging, mutilation, branding, and public humiliation in the stocks, pillory, and ducking-stool"(Prison History). The only time someone was confined is a public institution for any considerable length of time were mainly those imprisoned for debt or accused persons awaiting trial. Now I will write about the university as an institution. As defined by Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the university is an institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research and authorized to grant academic degrees. The university is a place for one to go if they desire to gain knowledge in an array of subjects or a specific area of study. One has to complete a certain curriculum on a subject while also holding a good standing with the university in order to earn the degree of choice. The institutions of the prison and the university have several differences and similarities. First I will point out the various differences they have. The main difference that comes to mind when I compare these two institutions is choice. When one goes to prison he/she doesn't usually have the choice whether or not to go. They are sentence by either the state of federal government and the person being convicted has no say so in the matter. The kind of prison and the length of time that person has must stay is up to the presiding judge. On the other hand when a person is involved with a university, they make most, if not all of the decisions and have many different choices to make for themselves. Most of the time a person can choose whatever university they want to attend with respect to certain things, such as income. But for the most part there are many different options for that person. Unlike prison, an...

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