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Comparing Rachel And Chato Essay

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Do you ever feel insecure and want more attention? In both “Eleven”, by Sandra Cisneros, and “The Somebody” by Danny Santiago, the thematic concepts are similar in that they are both about growing up, insecurity, and lack of power. Through the rhetoric, a reader can tell that the narrator of the both stories is a child feeling insecure while growing up and hoping someone would understand them. While growing up, one might feel insecure.
In “Eleven”, although the narrator specifically states that she is eleven years old, through the tone and the rhetoric, a reader can tell that the story is told by an eleven year old. The narrator repeatedly says “Mama” and “Papa”, which clearly shows a ...view middle of the document...

She says,” Mama is making a cake for me for tonight, and when Papa comes home everybody will sing Happy birthday, happy birthday to you.” When young children are scared or feel insecure, they would say, “I want my mommy,” and starts crying; this is exactly what Rachel wants to do when Mrs. Price puts the sweater on her table. Rachel does not want a sweater to ruin her birthday; she feels insecure and wants to cry, just like a three year old.
In “The Somebody”, through the rhetoric, a reader can learn that although the speaker feels proud of himself, proud of his name, and proud of his actions, he also feels lonely and want more attention. In the first line of the story, he says, “This is Chato talking, Chato de Shamrock, from the Eastside in old L.A., and I want you to know this is a big day in my life because today I quit school and went to work as a writer.” He says his name two times, which gives a very vibrant and proud tone. The speaker also proudly says that he is going to quit school, and become a writer. By saying he is going to quit school, the speaker tries to let everyone know that he is glad of his own actions. The speaker also says he will work as a writer. A “writer” in this case does not mean a real writer, but a graffiti artist. This gives a reader a bantering yet hopeful tone. The theme of “The Somebody” is insecurity, growing up, and inattention. The speaker says, “I had to wait for breakfast because the baby was sick and throwing up milk on everything. There is always a baby vomiting in my house.” This shows that speaker wants attention from his mom since his dad just tries to be funny and does not take him seriously, but his mom is too busy taking care of babies. This clearly shows that the speaker feels excluded at home, which makes him want to be a graffiti artist. Because the speaker lacks attention at home, he signs his name on buildings so he can get everyone’s attention. When he says,” You know how you put your name on something and that proves it belongs to you?” it shows that because nobody cares about him at home, he wants the buildings and stores to belong to him, so he can get attention of everyone in LA. While the speaker, Chato, is growing up, he feels insecure and lacks attention, so he acts rebellious to get other people’s attention.
“Eleven” and “The Somebody” both share three similar themes: insecurity, growing up, and power. In “Eleven”, Rachel, the speaker, is an eleven year old girl who feels that her eleventh...

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