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Comparing Radio And Television Essay

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Comparing Radio and Television

Whilst examining radio and television, their similarities and differences, I felt it necessary to concentrate primarily with British terrestrial television and radio channels. Although conscious of the variety available, attempting to address all available stations would be foolhardy. A phone call to Sky Digital, which informed that they could offer a staggering 204 television channels, confirmed this.
How times change.

The three mediums of radio, film and television have, during the course of the twentieth century, become the dominant forces of media production. This in turn has given each of the three a new and unparalleled power. Scope for creativity has been pushed as never before and responsibility to and awareness of the audience has become ever more apparent. The subject choices, production techniques and technical advances which these media use, and in many cases pioneer, have changed and shaped public opinion of life, in this country, on this planet, this century. In turn this has been, in many ways the greatest development of awareness that the human race has seen. Despite its certain and undeniable areas of manipulation, radio, film and television have given a means of entertaining and informing a wide and vast audience. This essay will try to give weight to the individual differences and similarities between the three mediums, whilst discussing the statement that television is closer to radio than it is to film, whether it be through entertainment, news or other informative productions.
To understand what the differences and similarities of each are, it is necessary to outline how each of these three media present a subject matter. I will begin by looking at news coverage and in turn documentary, the different fashions of presentation and first how it plays its part in a prime similarity between radio and television. Its key 'closeness'.
Within radio and television there is a protocol of programming structure which is based largely, though not entirely around news. Both television and radio have their feature, regular and changeable content, it is neat, precise and conscientious of the audiences concentration span. Daily the viewer/listener know when certain programs are on, television and radio is now a 24hour affair and news is the major player in this formulated setting. The timetable has structure and it follows it 365 days a year. Radio and television (along with the press) are the primary pick up points of news within this country, there is a need to know when and where you can find this information. Radio and television have their respective, continuous, scheduled broadcast. Film, in respect, is a single entity on which I will expand on later.
Despite this similarity between radio and television, a news program itself can show the differences between the two. The presentation differs,...

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