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Comparing Rayman’s Ten Imperatives To My College Experience

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How does Rayman’s ten imperatives compare to my experience in college? This is a very good question! I will discuss each imperative and how I felt my undergraduate career development experience was addressed with each imperative.
Imperative 1 – The acknowledgement of life long career development and the initiative taken to help students take ownership of their career destiny. The undergraduate institution I attended was really lacking in this area. There was an emphasis on job search and preparation. However, it was a program that was basically geared to help you get a job after college and that was it. Granted that was over 10 years ago and I am optimistic that paradigm as changed.
Imperative 2 – The embracing of technology to reallocate time and resources for those who need face-to-face contact. I really do not remember much technology being used at the time. I do remember making an appointment with a career counselor to help my job search. Her main emphasis during the session was to review my resume and to educate me on job websites and career fairs. Again, this was 10 years ago and I hope that the methodology has changed. However, I do remember technology was limited and that we were to rely on our own resources for job searching.
Imperative 3 – The strengthening of the career services identity with the institution. The career services depart was very small! I do not feel it was advertised enough around campus to what services were offered. I learned of the career center by the recommendation of someone that did not attend the university. They had advised they visited their career center and urged me to do the same.
Imperative 4 – The embracing that individual career counseling is intertwined to the career development process. I would say that this was a strong point of the university. All the appointments were face-to-face. I do remember the counselor asking what kind of career I was looking to pursue. Granted the services were limited it seemed but it seemed that the center wanted to have that personal touch.
Imperative 5 – There must be an interactive approach between student, advisors, faculty, and parents to create a collaborative goal to further the student’s career development. This for sure was not a strong point. Academic advising was separate from the career services department. It was very much two different worlds, advising and career development. After recently touring the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and seeking how their integrated academic and career development departments were one, it dawned upon me how that integration is valuable. UW-Parkside really noted how the two areas go hand in hand and they capitalized upon that change, in terms of student success. The Career / Academic center at Parkside is very well noted for that very reason. Obviously, that was such a great shortfall of the undergraduate institution I attended.
Imperative 6 – There must be focus on the diversity...

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