Comparing Relationship Between Man And Nature. 'porpoises' And 'two Look At Two'

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The poems "Porpoises" by John Gurney, and 'Two look at two" by Robert Frost both involve Humans encounter and their feelings towards nature and vice versa. Robert Frost looks at an experience two trampers have with nature, and nature's response to them, while John Gurney shows how nature have acted towards man and man's reaction to that. Although the two poems look at similar relationships, the tone in each poem is very different to the other.'Porpoises' looks at the relationship between men in a small Village and the Porpoises. We find out that the Porpoises have been loyal friends to the humans and even rescued them from drowning. Man does not return this favor when the Porpoises are stranded on the Beach; instead they come to finish them off for food. This in itself is a strong effect used by the Author to show us how man takes advantage of things when they are weak or it comes by convenience. He uses this not only as an effect to get the reader thinking about how selfish man can be, but he also used it to build the tone a sad tone in the poem. In the end of the poem we see what the narrator would like to have done to the porpoises. This method shows us that he respects what they have done for them and feels guilty for killing them, but he sees the need that the villagers have for food.'Two Look at Two' tells of an encounter that man has with two deer. These two trampers have a love for nature. Robert Frost emphasizes this by repeating the first line in the last line. This has the effect of a carried on theme and joins the poem together. He repeats the...

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