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Comparing Religious Concepts Essay

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The differentiation between religions lies within the difference of concepts and fundamental frameworks. Most religions share the same goals, the difference though, is the process of obtaining these goals. Similarity of goals but difference in beliefs, just as in politics, has caused controversy among religions through time over and over. A prime example of this similar but different belief system can be shown through the views of Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians. Through concepts such as ultimate goals, perception of beyond earth destinations, and views of perfection, we can distinctly separate and compare religions.
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Next it is necessary to follow the Eightfold Path, or the path to nirvana. Through right views, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration, we may reach nirvana after long spiritual meditation sessions. The ultimate goal of Buddhists is to meditate while living a life mirroring The Buddha’s in order to reach a state of nirvana.
Muslims, alike Christians, strives to reach a beyond earth destination, named Jannah by the Muslims, translated to paradise in English and referred to as heaven by Christians. Muslims strive to live a life pleasing to Allah, for there will come a day of judgment, separating the pleasing into paradise and damning the unfaithful into the burning gates of hell. In order to qualify for paradise, you must belief in one God, the Last Judgment, and in all the messengers of Allah, as well as believing that Muhammad is the final prophet of God. In addition, you must practice acts of good deeds. From monotheism to judgment day, Islam compares similar to Christianity until we mention prophets, Mohamed being Muslim while Jesus is Christian. A Muslims ideal life is a pious one, following the Quran and worshiping their only god.
Christians (surprise surprise) also act in accordance to reach their heaven. In order to enter the pearly gates of heaven, you must first believe that God is the one and only god while Jesus is his son. You must also follow the Ten Commandments implemented by God and repent and turn away from your...

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