Comparing Romeo And Juliet And Pyramus And Thisbe

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Famous texts often have many similarities as it makes good discussions to find all the possible things that are very related to one another. These certain texts between Romeo and Juliet and Pyarum and Thisbe are almost so closely related, that there are infamous of resemblances that you can point out. There are the obvious general observations, but once you dig deep, you find that there are much more comparisons that meet the eye. Since they are so closely related, we are able to really truly understand the concepts that stand out through each reading. This will make our thoughts deeper and more powerful towards both texts. In Romeo and Juliet, the text is very similar to Pyramus and Thisbe through a love connection between characters even though differences between families make it a struggle, miscommunication and misunderstandings, and the conclusion of a tragedy.
To begin, in Romeo and Juliet, the characters still have a strong love connection even though their parents and family do not agree, just like in Pyramus and Thisbe. Rebellion is one of the main words to describe this point of validation, but in the best way possible. Love is one of the strongest forces so obviously we can’t blame the two pairs of lovers. In the story of Romeo and Juliet, their families have such a hatred for one another that it is indescribable. In Romeo and Juliet, Act II Scene II lines 45-50 Juliet expresses, “So Romeo would, were he not Romeo called, retain that dear perfection which he owes, without that title. Romeo, doff thy name; and for thy name, which is no part of thee, take all myself.” Juliet is basically telling Romeo to change his name which shows how much their families hated each other. In Pyramus and Thisbe it is practically the same thing as both their parents refuse their children to see one another, yet through love they find a way to talk and make it work anyway.
Also, in Romeo and Juliet and Pyramus and Thisbe, a huge part that plays throughout both tales is the showing of miscommunication and misunderstandings. In Romeo and Juliet, Act V Scene II Lines 17-19 Friar Lawrence speaks, “Unhappy fortune! By my brotherhood, the letter was not nice, but...

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