Comparing Sheila And Mr Birling’s Response To The Inspector Essay

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Priestly is very clever in the way he uses the Inspector as a dramatic device in the play, the one who creates tension. The Inspector plays the role of a narrator and unifies the structure of the play, almost like he is the one writing the story. “I don’t see why we should tell the inspector anything. In fact, there’s nothing I can tell him”. His role in the play is to make the Birling family realise their actions affect others as well as, they should take responsibility for their actions. As his reason and kindness does not work on the Birling’s, he resorts to ripping off their exterior masks of lies and disseat as he relentlessly pursues the truth. This is where his role as a police inspector comes in. Furthermore, though the spitefulness and snobbery runs in the Birling blood, the contrast between Mr Birling and his daughter response to the inspector differs greatly.
Birling displays his selfishness and his little care for others towards Eva Smith as well as his family. “You must give me a list of those accounts. I’ve got to cover this up as soon as I can. You damned fool – why didn’t you come to me when you found yourself in this mess?”. This demonstrates that he does not care about Eric, despite his current positon of having a dead son, or how he is feeling, on the contrary this shows us that Mr Birling does not want to save or help Eric but to save his reputation and business from disaster and scandal. Despite all the teachings from the inspector and retribution he seeks, Birling continues this attitude throughout the play. Also, throughout the play he reveals more than just selfishness but his anger at the foolish behaviour of others, despite his foolish actions. He fails to see that his action towards the girl was...

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