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The poem “Ozymandais”, written by Percy Shelley, shares some similarities with Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 55” touching on the subject of art and eternity. Even though they are similar in ideas they are very different in terms of their points of view on the subject of the power art can have. For instance the positive and negative contrast emitted by the poems. In my opinion, Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 55” is more appealing and idealistic to humankind than Shelly’s “Ozymandais” because Shakespeare demonstrates art’s power to preserve genius, pose as an alternative to eternity and deliver an uplifting message.

Firstly, in Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 55”, the reason why humans create art is interpreted as a way to preserve and keep a part of them living, such as their intelligence, opinions and talent. With that in consideration, Shakespeare certainly portrays his work as living on with any other great pieces worthy of existing till Judgment Day, although he implies that his will outlive them all. On the other hand, Shelley thinks differently, laying down the harsh stings of reality and how human art is created arrogantly as a tribute unto themselves and not other aspects in life worth acknowledging. As well as stating that, the quote, “My name is Ozymandais, King of Kings, look at my work ye mighty and despair.” is mocking man’s works and hopes. In my opinion, he’s trying to show us how all our talents we attempt to preserve will be a lost cause, though Shakespeare believes he can defy that rule and make his work live on, too bad Shelley views such things as foolishness rather then confidence.

Secondly, man kind has always strived for the impossible such as immortality whether it be in physical or spiritual form, Shakespeare believes his writing will be around till the end of time. This can be seen when he’s stating that till the last days of earth his work will live in remembrance or even a memoir, “So till judgment day you live in this and dwell in lovers eyes.” Shakespeare’s point of view is looking towards the future and striving to advance. He poses arts powers through words in poem...

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