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Comparing Styles And Structures: The Ladies Home Journal Analysis And Harper Magazine Analysis

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Harper Magazine Literary Piracy, Nationalism and Woman readers by Jennifer Phegley is a peer review article that talks about British literature in the American magazine. This Harper review goes over the magazine impacted American nationalism , what the magazine had in store for American women and what that meant for the American society.The Harper magazine review mainly focused on the problem of british literature and its impact on changing the lives of American women as well asAmerica as a whole. Review includes alot of what the magazine did to make the experience more positive or negative for the American society. The American woman series : Gender and Class in The Ladies Home Journal ...view middle of the document...

The thesis in Jennifer’s article was presented early in the text right after the introduction to the magazine and its backround information making it easy to understand where as in Carolyn’s article there are plenty of examples of what might be the articles thesis statement but they are not made clear to the reader as there are several such statements making it unclear which one it is.
Jennifers article is divided into a few different categories such as “ A good foreighn magazine” literary piracy and the british origins of taste (pg66) “ a strictly national work” The Americanization of Harpers ( pg 70) “ The vestal virgins on the altar of the fine arts appeals to woman readers( pg 73) and others that mainly focus on her title these divisions made it easier to understand the article, the reader can sense right away that she wasn’t focused on making the article an easy read she was more focused on getting her point across where as this is the strongest aspect of Carolyns article is that her organization of the article made it a very easy to read paper . Everything was divided into all the context of the magazine such as “ the woman in religion” ( pg 248) first the author gives backround information of what the woman in religion was about and how it came about” then she provides the illustration , continues to describe the illustration and then goes on to describe the issue and that is how the whole review is formatted. This kind of setup of an article would probably appeal to most readers however Jennifer set her article review in an essay format which most readers are also familiar with so anyone reading her article would understand it just as well.
One of the strong points of Jennifers article was also how her information did not seem repetitive. For example in the “woman in the home “section of Carolyns article on page 249 she compares the section with a previously read section “ the woman in religion”(248) even though the comparison makes sense it gives it a feeling of comparing the articles sections to the other articles sections where as the author could have just focused on the section she...

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