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Comparing Taoism And Islam Essay

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Taoism is a far eastern religion that teaches living in harmony with the way of nature. Tao literally translates to "The Way." Taoism complements Confucianism, Buddhism, and Shinto religions. In contrast, Islam is a middle eastern religion that lives by their sacred text the Qur'an. The role of the Qur'an can be comparable to Jesus Christ's role to Christianity. The two religions concept on God differs greatly. Those who practice Taoism do not believe in God at all. Taoism believes in two great masters: Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu. Lao Tzu is referred as "old master" and was conceived by a shooting star. Chuang Tzu is the supposed second founder of Taoism. Chuang Tzu wrote inspiring texts of humor that taught lessons. ...view middle of the document...

Their prayers include techniques of meditation, breathing exercises, and the eating of certain herbs and minerals. Islam prayer consists of following the Qur'an. It is believed to be the sacred words of Allah revealed to Muhammad. The book is revered as a miracle of God. Islam believes in the Five Pillars. These Pillars include: Confession of faith, Prayer (five times a day and during Ramadan), Fasting, Wealth Sharing, and a Pilgrimage.Taoists ideal holy person is balanced. This balanced person has both the yin and yang characteristics. Yin being the feminine and passive, while the Yang is the masculine and active. You must live in accord with the Tao. This includes Humility and non-competition, naturalness, and passive. Islam's believe to be the ideal holy person, you must be as much alike as Muhammad as you can be. Also, you must do all of the five pillars of Islam.Taoists conception on the afterlife is they strive to achieve physical longevity and, ultimately, immortality. Taoist classics, however, say nothing about the afterlife, or the continued existence of a personal soul. Islam's human destiny is dependant on the outcome of the struggle for goodness. The righteous is Paradise, and for the evildoers, Hell. Emphasis is placed on the Day of Judgement, at which time all humans will stand before Allah, and the destiny of each will be made known. To revise this unit for future classes, I would try to move in a faster and more exciting pace. Also, the books are not really easy to follow because it starts with unfamiliar religions and ends with the most popular one, Christianity. Other than that the course was interesting and I have learned much from it.

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