Comparing The Behaviors Of Macbath To Hitler English Ii Essay

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English II
10 May 2016
Hitler v. Macbeth
In the tragic play, Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, Macbeth finds out that he is prophesized to be a king. So he starts killing people that gets in his way of being king. Someone suspects that Macbeth killed the other king, so they go and make an army and take down Macbeth. Macbeth had tragic ambition, meaning his ambition made him do bad things to get what he wanted. Just like Macbeth, Hitler, a historic figure, had ambition that lead to failure. In Macbeth, Shakespeare taught us that ambition is a flaw that can be good or bad depending on what it is used for and often be forced by relationships with others.
In Macbeth, Shakespeare tries to teach us that too much ambition is an internal flaw that can over turn our morality. Macbeth had so much ambition his whole body and mind was consuked by it. This lead him to do things that weren’t normal for a human being to think of. As you can see it says, “Macbeth is a tragedy born out of ambition. No doubt, ambition is a great inner force to spur one to rise high in life but only when it is directed in the right way” (IJELLH, 416). This states that Macbeth’s ambition was bound to turn into tragedy.
Hitler was a person who wanted power, so he killed off everybody he didn’t like ad everybody he felt got in his way. In the article about Hitler it says, “an...

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