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Comparing The Communities Of “The Giraffe” And “The Lottery” Grade 11 English Paper

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In both the short stories, “The lottery” by Sheirly Jackson and “The giraffe” by Mauro Senesi, suggests that the citizens value their communities and are willing to keep it maintained; however in “The giraffe” it is shown when there is no change brought in the community and in “The lottery,” they are continuing a special tradition in their community. To begin with, the two stories show that the events or changes that happen in the community are important to the citizens. In “The Lottery” when everyone in the community was gathered for the lottery, Old man Warner said, “ ‘pack of crazy fools,’ he said…’next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to go back to living in caves,…There’s always been a lottery,’ he added. ‘Some places have already quit lotteries,’ Ms. Adams said. ‘Nothing but trouble in that, pack of young fools’ Old Man warner said.” (Jackson 4) Additionally, In “The Giraffe,” the boys try finding a place for the giraffe to stay, “… and yet everyone put up a fuss, even to calling the policeman who came and said, ‘If you don't take it away, I'll kill it with my revolver’…. and we led it close to other people on purpose to give them a fright. Even most of the men, besides the old women, didn't know right then and there whether giraffes are fierce or not.” (Senesi 2) In the first story the lottery tradition has been going on for a really long time and has become an important part of their community as it should not be stopped now, otherwise cause a severe change in how the community should be. The citizens are actually taking the time to make a decision for the community, thus showing the importance they have for the community and how the tradition will continue....

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