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Comparing The Female Journey In Children On Their Birthdays And Welty's A Worn Path

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The Female Journey in Children on Their Birthdays and A Worn Path


Male's and female's have been treated differently throughout all of time.  Race and looks have also been stereotyped.  In this paper I will be talking about two different girls with two different races, looks, and ages.  In the stories, "Children on Their Birthday's", and "A Worn Path", the two main characters are girls on a journey with only themselves to lead the way.  Throughout their journey the women come across obstacles, good times, and also prejudice attacks against their look, sex, and race.


      In "Children on Their Birthday's", Miss Bobbit is a 10 year old, very attractive white girl that is journeying for a job.  She is treated with much respect and the boys of the neighborhood practically fall in love with her.  An attractive white girl in a town that is uncomfortable with African Americans is treated with the up most respect.  Although the boys treat her well, not everyone does.  The women of the town frown upon her and look at her as a prissy ungrateful snob.  Each individual which ever race or sex is treated poorly by one other race or sex.


      In "A Worn Path", Phoenix is a very old black women who is very unappealing to males.  Throughout her journey she is treated either poorly or like a five year old child.  When she is walking down a path and is knocked into the ditch by the dog, the hunter who came to help her treated her very poorly and disrespectfully because of her color, age, and her unsightly appearance.  The women of the town treat her as if she couldn't understand English.  They treat her with respect, but just not at the level she is capable of.


      As an example of the differences in respect of the two characters: the hunter that Phoenix came across referred to her as "Granny".  I see this to be as highly disrespectful and just straight to the point calling her old.  He didn't say "ma'am" or "miss".  Miss Bobbit on the otherhand is automatically given the respect of the "miss".  Clearly the young white female is given more respect than the elderly black female. 


      Getting back to the way each sex treats eachother can not be better represented than Miss Bobbit's stage performance.  Miss Bobbit had put on a clean show until she lifted up her dress and revealed her underwear to the audience.  The male's all applauded and cheered whereas the women were disgusted and appalled at her showing of her undergarments.  The way a human is treated on their appearance alone is evident everyday.  Miss Bobbit dressed very well and was considered a well-rounded girl.  Phoenix on the other hand dressed very poor and was practically fully clothed in rags.  That appearance on a girl is...

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