Comparing The Great Gatsby And Because The Internet

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The novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the screenplay Because the Internet by Donald Glover have similar story lines. Both stories focus on the lives of two young men ("The Boy" and Jay Gatsby) who are somewhat confused and are missing something in there lives. There are quite a few factors that connect these two stories. The way both of their deaths are played out is comparable. Their social statuses and the people who accompany them are very much the same. There are also many symbolic items throughout the readings that have a sort of connection. The Great Gatsby and Because the Internet are stories that follow a similar story line and the main characters in both stories are ...view middle of the document...

It's the truth. But also, they know. We're not friends. There's a mutual benefit to our relationship, but I can't trust them WHITE GUY NURSE: Then why save you? THE BOY: Cause their lives are far easier with me around. It's survival”. Gatsby also throws extravagant parties and has a large sum of money. People use his things, stay in his mansion and enjoy his hospitality and many parties, but when he dies very little people attend his funeral or service, including the people he was closest to in his life.
Another thing that is similar between Gatsby and the boy are how they feel and view life. Despite the boy’s internet fame and his reputation as someone who doesn’t care about anything, he is a deep thinker and is very introverted. He ponders the meaning of his existence and feels as if he should not be on the earth. Gatsby is also a very deep thinker. He has an old soul and is very charming but also has a dark side. He seems to be missing something and has this sadness inside him that no one really realizes. Both characters are very much alike in the way they see things around them and their feelings toward people and the world.
Symbols are a very significant part of both stories and there are many connections between symbols. The eyes of T.J. Eckelberg on a billboard that sits over the city, which are said to “brood over the solemn dumping ground’, are mentioned and described basically as all-seeing. The eyes of T.J. Eckelberg are similar to “Roscoe’s wetsuit” which is a phrase the boy runs across on the internet, on billboards, and spray painted on walls. Everywhere the boy goes he seems to run into...

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