Comparing The I Phone 3 Gs And The Blackberry Bold

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The mobile phone market is crowded with hundreds and hundreds of phones and gadgets but at the top are the iPhone 3G S and the Blackberry Bold 9700. These phones demonstrate outstanding achievements in a whole variety of categories such as speed, design, usability and display. The iPhone 3G S is a very impressive phone with a built in iPod and thousands of other apps while the Blackberry Bold 9700 is just as remarkable with its speed and ease of use. There are many areas in which these two phones can be compared but in the end, both of these phones are a very tough match-up.
The first category of comparison is that of design. The design of the iPhone 3G S is a very stylish button less display with a touchscreen and a home button at the bottom. The iPhones depth is a mere 0.48 inches, height of 4.5 inches and a width of 2.4 inches. The iPhone has a glass covered screen and a gloss metal back cover. The design of the iPhone is very unique to other phones. Due to the success of the iPhone, there are hundreds of iPhone imitators in the market who are also very successful because of the iPhone’s design. The iPhone has a weight of 4.8 ounces or 135 grams. The iPhone’s sleek design is very ergonomic and feels perfect in the hand. The Blackberry Bold has a very sleek and professional design. It has a leather cover at the back which adds value and then the chrome outline around the edges gives it the final touch of brilliance.
The display of the iPhone 3G S is a stunning 3.5 inch multi touchscreen with a native resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and is capable of showing 16 million colors. The display is very vibrant and neatly organized and allows the user to experience their contacts, web and music in a whole different way. Although the iPhone has a very impressive display, the Bold brings out a very remarkable display that has a native resolution of 480 x 360 pixels on a 2.8 inch screen. The high resolution on a smaller screen gives the Blackberry stunning graphics while browsing on the web. The blackberry has a landscape screen format to allow you to fully view web pages, emails and calendars.
The iPhone 3G S has a neat on screen keyboard. It is not an actual keyboard but rather a software keyboard which registers letters according to taps on the screen. The keyboard takes some time to master and even when mastered it does not register some taps and leaves them blank. The keyboard is nice but according to a great number of surveys the Blackberry’s QWERTY keyboard is preferred over software on screen keyboards. The Blackberry’s QWERTY keyboard allows for the user to text or email normally as they would on a computer because the keys are arranged in the same way. The keys are easy to press and are also a lot easier to adapt to when moving from other phones. The keyboard is also very stylish and includes symbols and numbers as well.
The iPhone 3G S comes in two memory sizes 16GB and 32GB and later additions with 64GB. The iPhone has built in memory and...

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