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Comparing The Women In Fifth Business And The Great Gatsby

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Comparing the Women in Fifth Business and The Great Gatsby

Behind every great man lies a great women. In some cases the women herself may not always be good or ideal according to society. Nevertheless it seems to add character to
the man, and also influences his actions and maybe even his morals. In the novel The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway's realization of the equality of man altered through his origin sets him up as a morally sound standard, until confronted by Jordan Baker. The "American Dream" will never be a failure if Jordan does not develop Nick into his final character. In the novel Fifth Business, Jung's theory suggests that the conscious part of Dunny's personality is brought out by Liesl. It is Liesl that allows Dunny to understand his function as "Fifth Business."

The development of Dunny's character in the novel begins when Dunny falls in love with Faustina. It is because of these female characters that both protagonists learn to accept the emotional side of their lives, which are provided by these women, who possess immoral values that allows Nick and Dunny to develop into the final stages of their characters, essentially making them the same. Nick's realization of the equality of man and morals change when he comes in contact with Jordan Baker. Jordan possesses certain qualities that only benefit her. She likes to bend the rules so that the positive result ends up in her favor. She has allowed herself to be wrapped in a blanket of dishonesty that Nick would not be able to live, until he realizes that he can.

It is undetermined whether or not Nick chooses to ignore Jordan's dishonesty or whether it goes by naturally, because, in the early stages of the novel he does not seem affected by it.

"No thanks,said Miss Baker to the four cocktails just from the pantry, I'm absolutely in training. Her host looked at her incredulously. You are!...How you get anything done is beyond me."(pg.. 27 ln16)

Now this was the first time Jordan and Nick came into contact with one another, and it is said that the first impressions are extremely important. However, for a strong moral person like Nick, his reaction is surprising when he simply states, "I enjoyed looking at her."(pg. 27 ln 23)This is a sign of his first stages of development, which will soon result into what the author intended.

The "American Dream" cannot be recognized as a failure if Jordan does not develop Nick into his final character. It is known that Nick, just like Dunny holds high moral values,
but it is slowly beginning to be affected by Jordan Baker. Jordan has had such low moral values for quite some time, which is evident in chapter four. "Daisy said to Jordan Baker...While she was drunk as a monkey, she told Jordan, Here dearis. Take'em back downstairs and give'en to whoever they belong. Tell'em Daisy's changed he mind!" (pg. 79 ln 5) "But the next day she married Tom Buchanan without as so much as a shiver..." (pg. 79 ln 19) It was evident that Daisy...

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